Becoming a Member

2021 Membership

The annual membership fee for the PDNC for 2021 will remain at $20 per family.

All new members can apply to join at any time after 13 January 2021.  All memberships will cease on 4 January 2022.

Membership after 01 July 2021, is reduced to $10.00 per family.

It is a requirement that anyone wishing to participate in Little Foot Steps, a PDNC program or activity is a PDNC member.

Forms are available in the office or alternatively you can download the form from the link below and bring it into the Centre.  Membership forms can also be filled out online below.  Payments can be made in the Centre with cash or EFT.  Bank Transfer/Direct Deposit can be done online with our banking information:

Bank: Defence Bank
Account: PDNC
BSB: 833205
Account Number: 20527339
Please put your full name and what you are paying for in the Reference Section.

ONLINE REGISTRATION – (downloadable form is at the bottom of the page)


Puckapunyal & District Neighbourhood Centre Online Membership Registration Form

It is a requirement that anyone wishing to participate in a PDNC program or activity is a PDNC member.
  • Children

    Please enter the name, date of birth, and any allergies of each child in your family that will be participating in PDNC programs.
    As a Parent/Guardian, it is a requirement of the PDNC that you supply your child/ren management plans for Asthma and/or Anaphylaxis. It is your responsibility to notify the PDNC of any medical conditions, which are of a life threatening nature. The PDNC will endeavour, wherever possible, to manage and minimise risks associated with either asthma or anaphylaxis. It is PDNC policy that any child with Anaphylaxis must bring their Epipen kits if they wish to attend programs.
  • Contact Information

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Photography

    The PDNC does take photos at its organised community events, activities and during some programs. This is only done for publicity and promotion purposes, such as our Facebook Page, Website and Newsletter. If you do not wish to have your photograph taken please let us know at the time so that we can ensure your privacy.
  • Programs and Activities

    What programs and activities interest you and your family?
    As Parent/Guardian, I am aware that the PDNC is only responsible for my child/ren whilst within the confines of the PDNC programs and buildings they operate from. Child/ren must comply with the rules and follow instruction from the program monitor/s or they will be banned from participating in the program for a period of time set by the committee of management. Offensive language, intimate contact, fighting, harrassment, and/or bullying will not be tolerated. As Parent/Guardian you acknowledge you are allowing your child/ren to attend programs run by volunteers of the PDNC. These volunteers are there to monitor children and enforce the rules whilst the program is being run. By clicking above, you have discussed the above mentioned with any/all children who will attend any programs.
  • Agreement & Payment

    For Bank Transfer/Direct Deposit Bank: Defence Bank Account Name: PDNC BSB: 833205 Account Number: 20527339 PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME AND WHAT PAYMENT IS FOR IN THE REFERENCE SECTION
    The Model Rules for the Puckapunyal and District Neighborhood Centre The PDNC is an Incorporated Association. Under section 23 of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, the PDNC has adopted in full the Model Rules which are taken to constitute the terms of a contract between the Association and its members. You may request a copy of the Model Rules at any time The Policies and Procedures for the Puckapunyal and District Neighborhood Centre In addition to the Model Rules, the PDNC has developed several other policies. These are regarding: 1. Model Rules Policy 2. Anaphlaxis Management and a NO NUT Products Policy 3. Sun Smart Policy 4. Photography Policy 5. Access and use of the Centre Policy 6. Equity and Diversity Policy 7. Privacy Policy (in accordance with Privacy Act 1988) 8. Complaints and Grievances Policy (in accordance with Model Rules) In addition to the Policies, the PDNC must adhere to procedures for the management of the following: 1. Volunteer Register 2. Emergency Evacuation and Fire Orders 3. Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) procedures and compliance 4. Monitor/Volunteer working with children procedures and police checks 5. First Aid compliance 6. Government reporting and compliance Note: There are also policies regarding Little Footsteps and the enrollment form for this service has been written in accordance with Victorian Government regulations and templates. LFS is governed by DEECD and as such is bound by the NO JAB NO PLAY Legislation. Children MUST be up to date with Vaccinations to be enrolled in this service. More Information at PLEASE NOTE The PDNC Building and other Programs run by the PDNC ARE NOT bound by the No Jab No Play Legislation. If you wish to have a copy of any of the policies and procedures please approach the Centre Coordinator. The PDNC is happy to discuss any concerns you may have during operating hours or you can send us enquiries through our Facebook page or website.



Downloadable Membership Form

PDNC Membership Form 2021