PDNC Committee & Staff

The PDNC is managed by an all volunteer committee.

President: Tracy Cripps

President Role

Vice President: Belinda Laing

Vice President Role

Secretary: Rebecca Scholte

Secretary Role

General Members

Policy & Procedures: Natalie Marini

Policies & Procedures Role

OpShop & Toy Library: Jamie Hatton

OpShop & Toy Library Role

Social Coordinators (2): Kali Brown

Social Role

DJ’s/Youth Coordinator (2): Lauren Roveda

DJ’s/Youth Coordinator Role


PDNC & LFS Staff:

Manager: Deb Kaak

Administrative Assistant:  Kristy Smith

Book Keeper: Kerri Newnham

LFS Childcare:  Janine Lyon


Should you wish to join our committee or volunteer for one of our great programs please come into the centre or contact us on 57357719 or manager@puckacommunity.org.au