PDNC Committee & Staff

The PDNC is managed by an all volunteer committee.

President: Tracy Cripps

President Role

Vice President: Lisa Wright

Vice President Role

Secretary: Kali Brown

Secretary Role

General Members

Policy & Procedures:

Policies & Procedures Role

OpShop: Jamie Hatton

OpShop & Toy Library Role

Social Coordinators (2):

Social Role

DJ’s/Youth Coordinator (2): Susan Cranston

DJ’s/Youth Coordinator Role


PDNC & LFS Staff:

Manager: Tanya Begley

Administrative Assistant:  Natalie Bloomfield

Book Keeper: Kerri Newnham

LFS Childcare:  Susan Cranston


Should you wish to join our committee or volunteer for one of our great programs please come into the centre or contact us on 0437 682 534 or manager@puckacommunity.org.au