About Pucka

Puckapunyal is 100km from Melbourne and one hour drive from the historic gold rush town of Bendigo.  Puckapunyal, and the larger neighbouring town of Seymour, are part of the Mitchell Shire.

One of the best known military camps in Australia, Puckapunyal Military Area, widely-known simply as “Pucka”, opened in November 1939 to accommodate troops of the 17th Brigade of the 6th Australian Division. The camp’s name was derived from the name of a large hill within the field training area, today known as Mount Puckapunyal.

Today the Puckapunyal Military Area encompasses almost 40,000 hectares and is home to the Headquaters of the Combined Arms Training Centre, the School of Armour and the School of Artillery as well as Road Transport Wing from the Army School of Transport, Army Knowledge Group and Joint Logistics Unit – Victoria.  It also remains the home of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps, the first units of which moved there in February 1941.

Around 300 defence families live in Puckapunyal. There is also a primary school, kindergarten (pre-school), child care centre, shops, post office, banks and a cinema on the base. Please see other sections of this website for more information.

Puckapunyal experiences cool to cold winters, when most of the average annual rainfall of 596 mm occurs, and dry, warm to hot, summers. Thanks to its “bush” setting there is also plenty of australian wildlife to see such as kangaroos, emus and birds.