PDNC Committee

The PDNC is managed by a volunteer, community based committee. The current PDNC Committee is as follows:

President: Erin Gillies

Vice President: Shantelle Landel

Secretary: Ashleigh Grayson

Treasurer: Kali Brown


General Members: Natalie Marini, Marlein Visser, Denise Lawson, Megan Young, Sarah Matangi, Sian Cater, Jaime Farrell, Kim Hill, Sally Sibley, Cassandra Sage and Lyn Parker

PDNC & LFS Staff: Deb Kaak, Brooke Ocampo, Becky Cameron, Janine Lyon


Should you wish to join our committee or volunteer for one of our great programs please contact us at manager@puckacommunity.org.au